Celebrating the “Sand Sessions” release, and other fun covers and originals this Saturday Feb. 4th at Smoky Mountain Brewery in Knoxville (Turkey Creek) @ 9:30pm. Also playing Friday Feb. 3rd at Smoky Mountain Brewery in Pigeon Forge @ 9:30pm.
If I could describe the process of writing and recording the Sand Session project…in one word…it would be “Fun”.
“My Favorite Summer T-Shirt” is a song paying homage to that one garment that always makes you feel good. It was first performed live on tv on a Charleston morning show.
“Marco Polo” was written in Clearwater Beach, Florida a few years ago while visiting family. It’s a story of adolescent daydreaming. The YouTube video of the song was filmed all on iPhone one afternoon this past summer on Isle of Palms Beach.
“Bring Out Your Blue Sky” is an uplifting song of optimism within ourselves. We all have a blue sky inside of us waiting to shine. The YouTube video includes live footage of performances at several surrounding beach venues in Charleston.
“Your Dreams” is a father’s wish for his children’s happiness in pursuing their dreams. The music was written in Centennial Park in Nashville, TN….Later evolving into the structure that it is now.
“À La Playa” was written on a hotel balcony in Cancun, Mexico during a family vacation. There is a live video of me performing it for the first time on the beach with our little twin girls playing in the background. The soul of the music led me to write the vocals in Spanish. It’s about good times on the beach, kicking a soccer ball around and playing guitar and good times with friends.
“AmBEERdextrous” is a song about a man drowning his sorrows over a break up… But of course with a happy ending. 🙂. The video was shot one afternoon on Isle of Palms and James Island, SC. The venues include Smugglers, The Dinghy, and The Windjammer.
“Whispers in the Sand” was written in a hotel room outside Miami Beach….where I had performed a gig. The lyrics revolve around when Christy and I first dated and took a trip to Cancun…and the excitement of it all…renting a jeep and driving deep into Mexico to the beautiful Aztec pyramid of Chichen Itza… The second verse fast forwards to us having twin babies and how our lives and love had started on the sands of Cancun.
“My Sweetest Friend” was written for a friend of mine’s Christmas gift to his wife. He sent me notes revolving around her and what she meant to him….and what came out of the songwriting session is one of my favorite songs to play live.
Sand Sessions is on all digital formats. I’ll be giving out free t-shirts and CDs to the loudest peeps at the gig this weekend. 😃. Hope to see you there!!