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Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament '15



Great time at the Island Gras Street Festival in Isle of Palms, SC March 7, 2015....Beautiful weather and wonderful time 



Chuco recording his part in "I Fell Back In My Black Chair" for the album "Kool Water

*Studio Fun!!!  Photos below by Kate McKinley



The Well - Knoxville, TN

Mount Pleasant Christmas Parade

Wild times at Wild Dunes with Tom Ryan and Matt Froehle from Columbus, Ohio!!

*2011's Oyster Festival 

*Special thanks T. Ballard Lesemann, music editor at the
Charleston City Paper, for his kind words on an article and interview with me released August 4, 2010. Read it HERE


Oysterfest 2009

Opening up for The Turtles (So Happy Together) at The Secret City Festival in Oak Ridge, TN
   The Landeo's with Mark Volman.JPG (134425 bytes)  Turtles in Concert_.JPG (83909 bytes)

 Turtles in Concert.JPG (50075 bytes)   M & M & Daddy.JPG (125994 bytes)

Christy with a Turtle and a Car.JPG (154639 bytes)
A Turtle, a Car, and a Christy!
(Mark Volman from The Turtles, Greg Hawkes from The Cars & Christy Landeo)
** Just wanted to share an email Mark Volman sent to me:
To Dave and Band:
Great to work with you all 
You all were so very professional and that makes it great for us
The crowd loved your show and you can see why you have been so successful

Keep Working and Smiling
Hope we do it again sometime
Good Luck

The Turtles
Mark Volman

Doug's Crew!.JPG (193224 bytes)   Hail To The Tamborine.JPG (80195 bytes)   A Chopper Sandwiche.JPG (91221 bytes)   Jenna's New Outfit!.JPG (89794 bytes)

Flip Fest party at The Vegas in Crossville, TN
Strike A Pose!.JPG (156688 bytes)
   Rehearsing.JPG (81333 bytes)   A New Dance.JPG (155703 bytes)

Camp Discovery'08 - Cookeville, TN 
Camp Discovery '08.JPG (181836 bytes)

John jammin'it up at his wedding - Lake Lanier - Atlanta, GA
John Holland on the Lead!.JPG (72054 bytes)
            TN Bar Association Party            Chris & Brittany at Blue Chips
TN Bar Assoc. Party.JPG (176307 bytes)                        Chris & Brittany at Blue Chips.JPG (69970 bytes)

Lindsay's Wedding!

   Bride & Groom.jpg (311709 bytes)   George & Lisa.jpg (615063 bytes)   Bouquet.jpg (656354 bytes)   Buzzed Girl.jpg (693307 bytes)   Thumbs.jpg (470168 bytes)   Tandy Hands.jpg (727233 bytes)   

Country Music Marathon'08 
Runners.jpg (53411 bytes)
  Music Marathon Runners.jpg (72107 bytes)   

Stir Fry Cafe - Johnson City!
Stir Fry Belly Dancers.jpg (623174 bytes)

Missy and Uncle P on her wedding day
Wedding - Preston & Missy.jpg (7786 bytes)

Nikki, Megan & Dave at Look Rock in Maryville
Look Rock - Nikki, Megan & Dave.jpg (148180 bytes)
   Nikki's Drawing.jpg (233528 bytes)
                                  Nikki's Drawing

Sorority Volleyball Tourney - Pi Kappa Phi House
Pi Kapps!_.jpg (192841 bytes)   Phi Mu's_.jpg (217030 bytes)   4-12-08 Banners_.jpg (52664 bytes)    DZ's.jpg (449898 bytes)   4-12-08 Volley Ball Tourney_.jpg (123600 bytes)

Cooper River Bridge Run
Cooper River Bridge.jpg (315852 bytes)
  Runnin' With The Cow!.jpg (558223 bytes)   The Kenyans.jpg (532279 bytes)   The Funyuns.jpg (585064 bytes)   4-5-08 Red's Party.jpg (879028 bytes)   4-5-08 Red's - Run Night.jpg (718738 bytes)
                                            The Kenyans....The Funyons!                  
St. Patty's Day'08 @ Smoky Mountain Brewery
Two Shirt McGhee.jpg (418666 bytes)   Green Girl.jpg (501639 bytes)   St. Patty's Day Flyer '08.JPG (30054 bytes)   McHello.jpg (611897 bytes)   McKay Beer Head.jpg (308440 bytes)   
Georgia Tech - College Formal
In Da Air!!!!!.JPG (141535 bytes)   In Da Air!_.JPG (103707 bytes)   Singing to the Cell Phone.JPG (106590 bytes)   Kappa Sig!.JPG (41229 bytes)   Posin'.JPG (92698 bytes)   In Da Air!!!.JPG (128714 bytes)
Lagrange.JPG (84442 bytes)   A-how how how how.JPG (202636 bytes)   Dive!.JPG (66467 bytes)   He's Down!!!.JPG (72897 bytes)

Spring Fling at Maryville Intermediate 3-7-08
Masquerade!.JPG (43971 bytes)   Macarena Jay!.JPG (111308 bytes)   Macarena.JPG (148852 bytes)   Angie & Jay.JPG (59932 bytes)
The Brewery!
Smoky Mtn B - Big City.jpg (30531 bytes)
   Smoky Mtn B - J & I.jpg (29714 bytes)
Blue Chips!
Blue Chips with Jill.jpg (48272 bytes)
   Blue Chips - Shake it down now.jpg (39040 bytes)   Blue Chips Crew.JPG (190838 bytes)   Aram On Upright.JPG (117380 bytes)
Monies in Cookeville on a Saturday Night!
Right.JPG (67637 bytes)  Hugs.JPG (68685 bytes)   Monies.JPG (95114 bytes)  Funny.JPG (83809 bytes)   Super's Friends.JPG (93079 bytes)   Look At Dave.JPG (94094 bytes)   
Special Guest Singer
Special Guest Singer.JPG (73794 bytes)


In Huntsville, AL for the "Sol Juice" CD Release Party at The Page
CD Release Party (Huntsville, AL 1-12-08)_.jpg (232039 bytes)   The Sports Page Logo.JPG (203129 bytes)
The Whites & Smiths & the such.JPG (96019 bytes)   The Band!.JPG (120605 bytes)   Michael Cline & Scott Kennedy!.JPG (102525 bytes)   Casey Head.JPG (76838 bytes)   Listeners.JPG (120269 bytes)  Dave & Christy with Coors Lite Girls.JPG (74422 bytes)
   La Familia               The Band                     M.C. & Scott           Casey's Head      Listeners      Christy, Dave & Coors Lite Girls
Michael & The Coors Lite Girls.JPG (110586 bytes)                   Mi Christina y Yo.JPG (146502 bytes)   I think that note is right HERE!.JPG (111135 bytes)           Kathy Approves The Setlist.JPG (147035 bytes)
Distracting the Bass player      The team!        Posing on the Lead    Kathy approves the Set List
Don't Forget The In Between.JPG (121300 bytes)   Don't Forget The In Between (middle).JPG (130427 bytes)   Don't Forget The In Between (low).JPG (107043 bytes)
Ready........................Get Set..........Break It Down Now!
Birthdays All Around!.JPG (74525 bytes)                 Shelly's Birthday!.JPG (128530 bytes)
@ Rookies                     @ Smoky Mountain Brewery
Philby's - Twister Dress.JPG (106354 bytes)   Philby's - Peace.JPG (90232 bytes)
@ Philby's in Huntsville, AL 

Mr. Paul Diamond Breakin' It Down at Monies in Cookeville!
Paul Diamond & Crew!.JPG (67310 bytes)
Christmas spirit at The Pint House...with Tod, Erica & Gina! 
Sheley, Erica & Gina.JPG (151764 bytes)

Christmas Benefit Party '07 for MDA @ Club 106!!!  Over $1600 raised!!  
   Davidsons & Friends.JPG (114303 bytes)   Rich's Girls.JPG (107081 bytes)          Cowbell Lance & His Girls.JPG (265386 bytes)    Club 106 Girls.JPG (100422 bytes)   Craig Left Behind.JPG (58624 bytes)   Jeff & Girlfriend.JPG (54786 bytes)  
Davidson's Crew                             Taylor's Girls                                 Craig is always left behind
 Amy & Jen Jen.JPG (61463 bytes)  Jobey!.JPG (150230 bytes)    Silva Bell on Guitar.JPG (200148 bytes)   Band Photo.JPG (215871 bytes)
Amy & Jen Jen!                             Silva Bell on Guitar!      The Band!!!

Dancin'.JPG (75937 bytes)

Salvation Army at West Town Mall

Salvation Army Singers.JPG (201594 bytes)

At The Wild Wing Cafe in Charlotte, NC
Bama.JPG (84812 bytes)
  World's Smallest Sweater.JPG (87119 bytes)
Bama fan.....and the World's Smallest Sweater!
Luke, Jamie & Mike's B-Day Party at the Rocky Hill Grill!!! 
Luke & Revelers!.JPG (193672 bytes)
   Jamie, the Mrs & Crew.JPG (162882 bytes)   ARRRGG.JPG (256412 bytes)   
Tres Hombres.JPG (66931 bytes)
   All Girl Band.JPG (106612 bytes)    Merrit Servin' Drinks.JPG (81788 bytes)  Matt & Dave with Mr. Mike.JPG (65418 bytes)    Ma, Dad & Baby to be!.JPG (68141 bytes)  Surprise!.JPG (63263 bytes)

ETSU Med Students Study Too Hard.JPG (127899 bytes)   
Singers.JPG (66595 bytes)   Yo.JPG (135073 bytes)
E.T.S.U. Med Students in Johnson City, TN
Big Tone & Sir Piers.JPG (77126 bytes)   The Band!.JPG (138556 bytes)
Big Tone & Sir Piers   ...and jammin' with Jaystorm & Dave!

Two on Bass.JPG (113902 bytes)   Leah & Parents.JPG (81102 bytes)   Euchee Train.JPG (141961 bytes)
Bass playas   Leah & Parents!   The Euchee Train
Hangin' out at the Wild Wing Cafe!
Brad & Lori.JPG (106119 bytes)                Michelle and Jennifer at The Wing!.JPG (118213 bytes)   Jennifer at The Wing.JPG (71792 bytes)
Brad & Lori (Got Engaged!)  Michelle & Jennifer at The Wing

CD Release Party for "Sol Juice" at Club 106 in Knoxville  (REVIEW OF THE SHOW!)
The Crew!.JPG (159122 bytes)
   Erica, Gina, Dude & Banner.JPG (153930 bytes)   Vondee.JPG (80433 bytes)   Wild Thing.JPG (274428 bytes)   CD Booth.JPG (181187 bytes)   CD Tent.JPG (187098 bytes)   Percussion Girls.JPG (195908 bytes)   Aram & His Lady Friendz.JPG (112678 bytes)   Banner.JPG (122604 bytes)   Dave & Christy.JPG (123447 bytes)   Jackie & Gina.JPG (120355 bytes)  Dave.JPG (103223 bytes)
Gettin' Married In The Mornin'!.JPG (180737 bytes)   Must Be Rocky Top.JPG (120457 bytes)      Joe & Spencer.JPG (180639 bytes)   Over There.JPG (85968 bytes)   Spanking.JPG (111460 bytes)
Super Dave.JPG (68921 bytes)   Uwe & Donna.JPG (172300 bytes)   Sandra & Ali.JPG (90892 bytes)   Michele & Girls.JPG (233153 bytes)   Hippie & Kristin.JPG (118403 bytes)   Front Line.JPG (95848 bytes)
 Special thanks go out to WBIR TV for letting me promote
the CD Release party on "Live At Five" !
Live At Five.JPG (135067 bytes)
Thanks to Karen Reynolds for having me and Matt Job on The Writer's Block on WDVX Radio
to perform a couple of songs and talk about the CD "Sol Juice"
WDVX.JPG (141078 bytes)

Cliff's Purchase!.JPG (51972 bytes)
The First Customer...Mr. Cliff Kirk!!!! 
At The Phi Sig House before the UT vs. Southern Miss game!
Ben & Kathy at the Frat.JPG (84902 bytes)
Ben & Kathy make a road trip!!!
Dudes on the Wall.JPG (101410 bytes)   Some Serious Tambo.JPG (68157 bytes)   Christy & Dave.JPG (47091 bytes)   Stomper.JPG (74272 bytes)   Thirsty.JPG (32182 bytes)
Rocky Top.JPG (106556 bytes)   Kathy's new bud Tyler.JPG (88466 bytes)   Tambo Attack!.JPG (95787 bytes)   
WVLT's Stacey McCloud _.JPG (133671 bytes)
At the WVLT television football special...with the Twins and anchor Stacey McCloud

Ska Fest Crew.JPG (180775 bytes)   Super Lead.JPG (177062 bytes)   Lyrics Holder.JPG (99322 bytes)   
Wild Wingin' It!!!
Feast Hand's '07.JPG (160205 bytes)   Vic & The Radars!.JPG (156561 bytes)  Chicken Fight.JPG (57788 bytes)  Funny Faces.JPG (145399 bytes)
Feast With The Beast!!!
BW is the Man!.JPG (183208 bytes)   Happy Happy Joy Joy.JPG (165433 bytes)   Lisa & Beth-Anne.JPG (60173 bytes)   Twin Cove Crew.JPG (155798 bytes)   B-Day Girl!.JPG (72636 bytes)   Warren & Gals.JPG (77732 bytes)
Twin Cove Marina!!!
Johnny Roth.JPG (150547 bytes)  
Johnny Roth exposes his love for music
Becca, Eddie & Crew.JPG (145456 bytes)   Boaters.JPG (180167 bytes)   Kevin & Kristen.JPG (68180 bytes)   Crawley & Paul.JPG (120718 bytes)
Boat Drinks '07
Festival Of Friends '07.JPG (179448 bytes)
Festival of Friends '07!
Charleston City Marina.JPG (143980 bytes)   Scott Johnson Band.JPG (211730 bytes)  Mrs. Johnson & Winner.JPG (85054 bytes)
Charleston City Marina             

Surf Boy.JPG (61899 bytes)                        Engaged.JPG (44705 bytes)
Surf Boy..What a Bod!          This couple got engaged at Red's!  Check out the ring?
Jenni & Alan.JPG (169080 bytes)   Tabby & Band.JPG (106458 bytes)   Cutie.JPG (96981 bytes)
Jennie & Alan's Big Day!
                       The Cheeky Monkeys.JPG (105232 bytes)                               Fireworks.JPG (266450 bytes)                   Amanda & Brian.JPG (138495 bytes)
The Cheeky Monkeys at pool party on the 4th     Fireworks at the Jensen's Bash   Brian & Amanda!
Mac & Brian.JPG (95525 bytes)   Flippers.JPG (154396 bytes)   
Flip Fest Fun @ The Vegas in Crossville
scan0003.jpg (712830 bytes)   ATV.JPG (86020 bytes)   Geico Lizard.JPG (26022 bytes)   Marcus & AGB.JPG (92405 bytes)   
Gig Weekend @ Snowshoe, WV
Indy - Bruce & Dave.JPG (88725 bytes)
In Indianapolis at the F.B.I. picnic with Bruce!