The "Sand Sessions" are a series of videos of live performances of original songs filmed on the beaches around Charleston, South Carolina...and occassionally other locations.  All songs are performed in their initial/rough draft form.  Guitar Chords are posted at the end of the lyrics (Guitar is tuned a half-step down).  Thanks for listening!  I'd love to hear any feedback on any one...or all of these tunes.  Please submit comments to: or on  and


"Taylor Baby"                                                                          "Deep"


"Whispers In The Sand"                                                           "Ferrari"


 "All I Ever Do"                                                               "A La Playa"

"Palmetto Soul"                                                          "Paulie Wants A Good Time"                                    "Nah You Didn't"


"The Heather Song"                                                  "Your Face"                                                               "Marco Pollo"


"Chord Progression"                                                  "Keepin' Warm"                                                         "Peace"


"I Fell Back In My Black Chair"                                "Way Too Long"                                                       "I Can't Control My Love"   


Introduction Jam


All Songs:  Copyright Landeo Music